Northern Crown - Jamestown and Beyond

Assault of the Fort

Our fearless adventurers resupplied in Jamestown, sold off loot, took baths, slept, fashioned a peg leg, and told their tale. Many feared they were lying or exaggerating (and yes there may have been sooome exaggeration, for effect you understand). But eventually they decided to go back to the fort, and Father Michael, the town’s Anglican priest decided to go with them.

On their way back to the fort, they stopped by the Gatorling’s new camp, and gave Artie’s family his share of the loot. Father Michael preached a sermon and managed to convince a few to come to town and learn more of the great “God” of the humans. Indeed, the tribe showed fracture lines between those hoping to stay living near the humans, and those hoping to move back to their old ground far from the humans once the haint threat is gone. From the gatorlings to the Fort, the group encountered a trio of will-o-wisps, but managed to talk their way mostly out of it again. This time repeated use of resist electricity managed to protect some of the party who then successfully faked fear and pain.

In Elizabethtown our party slaughtered a few lurking haints, and put down a few undead that had risen again, and Father Michael works on more permanent rests. An Outlyer named Marshal two-fingers came by leading two other outlyer warriors. After a bit of a tense standoff they established that their mission was to end the haint threat, or at least to scout it and return back, and that they had already lost many lives including the previous commander. They decided to join up and plotted the assault on the fortress for that afternoon.

The plan went smoothly at first, Maddy used her witchy magic to make Mia invisible. Mia set explosive charges on the far side of the wall, on a long fuse, then ran around to under the cannon and set that to blow a minute or so afterwards. The first blast roused the camp, and the second blast dropped the cannon, the skeletal cannon crew, and blew a 10ft wide hole in the palisade wall. Our heroes rushed through. They faced down a squad of zombie musketeers, (led by a haint in uniform), fortunately the zombies muskets all failed to fire, and they tried to reload instead of really fighting. They were destroyed by turning and cutlass soon after. Prosperity climbed the walls, shot a distant Haint Bard in the head, and jumped to cover on a nearby roof. A unit of skeletal halberdeers charged, hacking down 2 outlyers and wounding Michael and Invictus. Then Angus and Marshal attempted to throw grenades at the same time. Both lit the bottom of the fuse rather than the top of it. Marshall pulled his fuse out in time. Angus blew up. The blast lit his other grenade which also blew up, and his alchemist’s fire, and his oil flasks. He dropped to the floor attempting to remove or beat out all the flaming bits on him. Marshall calmly steped back, relit his grenade and threw it. By this point, Father Michael had been hacked down after destroying most of the skeletal halberdeers, (the final blow was a hatchet in the back from the Halberdeers leading haint), although Maddy can and stabilized him, and was not hacked down herself because of her sanctuary effect. Penny and Prosperity were both taking potshots and then getting back into cover. Mia was looking for enemies to face, and was distracted by an herb from the old world that she hadn’t thought was even brought over to the new world yet, but eventually was surprised by a lone Haint with a musket and plug bayonet. She whacked her tuning fork loudly for some crazy science effect, which seemed to do nothing and stepped back.

When we left off … Mia was about to be clobbered by a high level haint, the haints on the walls had finally reloaded, a whole unit of skeletal cavalry was preparing to charge, and Angus was still on fire. Tune in next week to the stunning conclusion of “ASSAULT OF FORT VALOR



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