Rumors heard in Jamestown

DC under 10

Fuckin outsiders!

DC 10

Any major news items –nothing much happening here

In Northern Crown … Carolingia is hiring privateers vs the Spanish, war between Carolingia and Spanish soon … War between New Sweden and New Neiderlanders soon … Opener and Cimmaron Army in hills of Ste. Dominique … Large massings of sea devils near St. Agostin, and it was already weakened by a big Buccaneer raid last year, will the sea Devils conquer St. Agostin?

If you want news, … Eden Town has a thing called the Dram Tree ( story of it), every story teller around hangs out there or stops in there to trade news, rumors, stories, etc. a great place to get leads for adventure.

Sophia is going to Invade Jamestown one of these days

No way, Sophia is going to finally attack those damned Keltic Renegados

Carolingia is going to invade Jamestown soon, they have a whole extra army stationed at Ablemarle getting ready for “border exercises.”

No way they are scared that the young Duke of Ablemarle is fixing to defect and take his duchy to join the Sophian Republic, and they want enough troops present to prevent it. Besides their worried about the Spanish they won’t pick a fight with us … Finney is a spy for Sophia

DC 15

The two villages of outliers in the Dismal Swamp don’t get along

Goodie Jenkins is a witch

Capt. Gadget is a pirate and a smuggler

If you see mysterious lights in the swamp at night, it’s probably old Brad Panther-Killer, who was killed 8 years ago when a smuggling deal went sour, and he still carries his lantern, looking for the people he was supposed to meet before he was ambushed.

I saw a fucking 20 foot long rattle snake in the swamp, as bit around as a man’s torso, fucking thing had horns! He didn’t see me and a ran away, I mean shit!

Even seen a giant porcupine? Yeah they get as big as a wolf, or bigger, but they aren’t very aggressive. Show ‘em the quill Jim! The quills sure hurt though, shows a giant quill,

A group of adventurers claimed they found a lost Albian colony called Elizabethtown deep in the swamp, and it was crawling with undead. What’s up with that?

The Gatorling tribe of the Dismal Swamp moved from their old stomping grounds deep in the swamp to about a day outta town to flee the Haints. Now they are thinking of splitting into 2 tribes, one near here and one back in their old territory. Some of them even come to town to trade or learn about religion.

The bogeymen of Dismal Swamp are up to something. A group of adventurers claimed they burned down the “Congress of Haints” and that an army of Haints mostly dispersed, but that some remain at an old Albion fort deep in the swamp.

DC 20+

Duchy of Hatteras has a secret prison farm, where people snatched by pirates or by bandits working for the Duke of Hatteras work a tobacco plantation

There is a vampire living in the outskirts of Jamestown

The merchants of Edentown betrayed and killed Captain Webber and now his ghost is seeking revenge

Sharptooth Pete, the pirate captain that terrorized people 20 years ago cut a deal with the devil and is coming back from the dead and putting together an undead crew


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