Jamestown – A Small town on the Atlantic coast, between Sophian and Carolingian territory, but claimed by neither. It was an Albion colony 50 years ago, but now is basically completely independent and has few economic ties with outsiders.

small independent town – 1,500 adults – 800 gp limit

Ruled by Mayor and town council, but really by a number of the leading citizens

  • The Harbor – including Harbormaster’s office Harbormaster Phil
  • The Crooked Crown – harbor bar
  • The Tin Man’s Bar – harbor bar with a functioning tin man servant “whisky” the tin man, run by Dave Olbert
  • The Swamp Cat’s Jug – local’s bar
  • Miss Jenny’s Place – brothel
  • Timberlane & Sons Outfitters – ships outfitters
  • Morgan’s outfitters – general store (and runs an account for Prosperity)
  • The Anglican Church – (small stone church) Father Michael
  • The Roman Catholic Chapel – Friar Preacher Luke
  • Town hall/Jail (stone) – Lofton, Sheriff Anglesy
  • Armory
  • Private Houses Milla’s Mayor Lofton’s Lady Haberman Prosperity’s
  • Other workshops Smith Rope Maker
  • The palisades –
  • Outskirts Old Bill’s shack Fen Phillip – druid grove Ayre’s house
Major NPCs
  • Finney (female retired Pirate/Adventurer)
  • Harbormaster Phil
  • Old Bill (swamp hand) – Prosperity’s mentor, kidnapped by but now friends with the Gatorlings
  • Milla – middle aged matron wise in the lore of the old days, a tale teller
  • Father Michael – Anglican Priest
  • Mayor Lofton
  • Sheriff Anglesy toady to Mayor
  • Wild Colin – local rowdy
  • Fred o’ Fen Phillip – (Swamp Albian who trained under First Ones, Druid)
  • Friar Preacher Luke – Roman Catholic priest
  • Lady Haberman – (only real gentry in town)
  • Dave Olbert – natural philosopher, and Proprietory of the Tin Man Bar
  • Goodie Martha Weatherly (only witch left in town)
  • Granny Faith- deceased witch who trained several others, but disappeared more than 10 years ago, looking for a lost Albian colony in the swamp



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