House Rules


Fay Ancestory Prereq – fae touched or fay allies, Char 13+ – Immune to sleep effects (but still needs full sleep), +2 saves vs enchantments +1 on gather info checks, and +1 on 1 of (listen, search spot), +1 kn rolls involving fae (if they don’t already have it)

Advanced Fae Ancestory Prereq: fae ancestory All benefits of half-elf and of human, as well as +2 on all knowledge rolls involving fae (doesn’t stack with Cherokee ability though), including access to Arcane Archer …

Heroic Fae ancestory Prereq: Advanced Fae Ancestory Shapechange once a day into 1 type of Fae, as if using an equivalent of the Druidic shapechange ability at your level (including the level HD restriction)

House Rules

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